Structure of our Organization

Here you can find the structure of our organization Open Door International e.V.

During the general meeting, the most important organ of the organization – the board members will be voted for: the management board (once every three years) and the advisory board (once every two years).

Management Board:

The management board is composed of three people:
a) the Chairman
b) the Vice Chairman
c) and the assessor.

The management board may appoint a CEO, who is accountable towards the management board and the general meeting. Further the CEO has to act in compliance with the management boards orders.
The CEO is leading the ongoing business and is authorized to issue instructions to the staff members of the association.

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Advisory board:  

The advisory board is composed of at least five but at most seven members. They are given the following tasks:

  1. Representing the interests of the staff members and volunteers of the organization towards the management board and, if need be, the CEO of the organization
  2. Consulting the draft budget, as well as the discussion of a recommendation regarding said draft
  3. Handling themes and problems relevant to the organization, for which the advisory board can form work groups
  4. Supporting the management board with the processing of questions that are relevant for the association

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Both the management board as well as the advisory board will make their decisions through a majority vote.


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