Our Team at Open Door International e.V.

Here you can find the team at Open Door International e.V.
We are all giving our best to make everyone´s stay abroad or in Germany a personal success. Please get in touch with us if you need further information on our programs:

Chief Executive Officer

Britta Schwarz
Phone: +49 221-6060855-11
Email: britta@opendoorinternational.de

Coordinator Individual Volunteer Programs
Executive Assistant

Stephanie Jakobs
Phone: +49 221-6060855-18
Email: stephanie@opendoorinternational.de

Deputy Chief Executive Officer; Director High School Programs (Australia, Canada, New Zealand); Coordinator Volunteer Programs

Gaby Kühn

Phone: +49 221-6060855-14
Email: gaby@opendoorinternational.de

Coordinator High School Programs (Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, France, Italy, Spain)

Jana Droste

Phone: 0221-6060855-22
Email: jana@opendoorinternational.de

Coordinator High School Programs (England, Ireland, South Africa, USA)

Johanna Wedekind
Phone: +49 221-6060855-16
Email: johanna@opendoorinternational.de

Head of Marketing & Public Relations

Lina Jakobs
Phone: +49 221-6060855-28
Email: lina@opendoorinternational.de

Executive Assistant/ Organisational Development/ Marketing

Caroline Fröhlich
Phone: +49 221-6060855-25
Email: caroline@opendoorinternational.de

Coordinator European Voluntary Service (EVS) and weltwaerts

Linda Krall
Phone: +49 221-6060855-15
Email: linda@opendoorinternational.de

Assistance European Voluntary Service (EVS) and weltwaerts

Patrick Stähler
Phone: +49 221-6060855-12
Email: patrick@opendoorinternational.de

Director Inbound Programs

Heike Kartenbender
Phone: +49 221-6060855-13
Email: heike@opendoorinternational.de


Coordinator Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)

Sandra Steingrube
Phone: +49 221-6060855-27
Email: sandra@opendoorinternational.de

Coordinator Inbound programs

Katharina Erbes
Phone: 0221-6060855-24
Email: katharina@opendoorinternational.de



Open Door International e.V.
Thürmchenswall 69
50668 Cologne

Phone: +49 221 60 60 855 0
Fax: +49 221 60 60 855 19
Email: info@opendoorinternational.de
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