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Germany is a multi-faceted country which has much more to offer than just sausages, beer and the Oktoberfest!

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Due to its central location in Northern Europe, Germany has a total of nine neighboring countries: Denmark, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. On top of that, the home country of Beethoven and Goethe boarders the sea (North Sea and Baltic Sea) in the North, and the Alps in the South.
Therefore, one can spend summer vacation at the Northern beaches, and travel to ski resorts in the South in the winter.

Germany is a land of opposites; its cities offer different infrastructures. Metropolitain cities like Berlin and Hamburg, large cities like Cologne and Frankfurt, but also many smaller cities and towns form the diverse picture that is Germany.
All these places are connected not only through the German language, which has a number of regional dialects (and is also the most-spoken language in Europe), but also through its exciting history. If interested, one can learn lots about the dark times during the Nazi Regime, and about the reunification of Western and Eastern Germany. Also, there are many historical buildings one can visit. The diversity of Germany and its history are reflected in the different buildings: castles in the south of Germany, architectural gemstones like the Cologne Cathedral and the romantic buildings from the turn of the century, as well as the skyscrapers in Frankfurt and the futuristic Parliament Quarter of Berlin and many more.

Yet, Germany is not only famous for its architectural merits. An annual German tradition is the famous Weihnachtsmarkt, the Christmas market.
German Christmas is very sentimental, and the many traditional and romantic Christmas markets are always worth a visit. And if there is snow on the ground as well, it feels like a winter wonder land.
But of course, not only the winter is full of action! The German music scene is enormous. There are many concerts of German and international artists, mostly in bigger cities. Aside from music, Germans are also very fond of soccer, watching a soccer game inside a stadium is always a fun experience!

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