Open Door International e.V.Programs abroad

Over 25 years experience
with partners around the world

Here we would like to introduce our different outbound programs to you:

World-wide student exchange

For all young students who want to discover the world while they are still in high school, ODI offers Academic Year Programs in the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Spain  and the USA

Student exchange is a great opportunity to discover a foreign country from a different viewpoint, as it offers aspects which cannot be found in a simple vacation. The students submerge into a foreign culture and a foreign country and thereby develop sensibility and a better understanding of people and the way of life in different nations. In our opinion, these international encounters are a great contribution to a peaceful co-existence of all people.
We also offer short-term programs for those who don’t feel like going abroad for a longer period of time yet.

Volunteer Work (18+)

For youngsters who want to discover the different countries after school or in their holidays. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in different volunteering projects in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, Tansania. 

The volunteer work offers unique insight to the circumstances and habits of the native population. Such encounters strengthen the awareness of difference through unity.
Furthermore ODI offers the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) which enables young people from Europe to volunteer in a project and to experience life in another European country.
Since 2015 we are also an accredited organisation for the weltwaerts program which is financed by public funds and is meant to foster the international development policy.


To give as many joung people as possible a chance to make a life-changing experience, ODI awards scholarships for Academic Year Programs in various countries.

The main part of our scholarships are awarded to students who are committed to voluntary and community services. Hereby, ODI wants to honor voluntary commitment and show how important it is to contribute to society through voluntary services. These days, especially students are under great pressure and have less free time. If students spend their spare time supporting other people or projects, their commitment should be honored through acknowledgements like scholarships for an exchange year abroad.
We also award a scholarship to students who show their interest for a country by expressing creative ideas through instagram content. 


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